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“Just finished a fantastic car buying experience with Cartrust consultant Joe and I have never had so much fun. I was scared when started this new approach but today I am $3000 richer thanks to savings on new car and the extra money I got selling my old car. I will recommend Cartrust to all my girlfriends.
Danielle C.Sept, 2010Montreal QC
CarTrust helped me navigate through what I thought was a very difficult and intimidating process. I had shopped for cars in the past and had been left dissatisfied with the treatment I had received at many dealers. Joe helped me really target what my options were, in my price range and handled all the details. I am a proud owner of a new X3! Thanks Joe for making my experience easy and stress free. I highly recommend Cartrust.
Lina CNov, 2012Chateauguay
Simple easy and Fun is how I describe Cartrust . I needed to get rid of my end of lease Mercedes and buy a new car. Cartrust got me out of my lease at No Cost!! I leases a new BMW X3 for 100$ below my budget Wow! I recommend all women use this new approach. Thanks Doc Joe
PieretteMarch, 2013
I am a single mother with 2 children and I have a limited budget to spend, plus I need the reliability and the safety of a new car. CarTrust helped me in less than 7 days get into my new car on budget , a Toyota Matrix 2008, and I saved $3,400 over the 4 year plan!
I am single woman and I was always used to having my boyfriend help me with this car task. I am single again and happy. But I need a new car to fit my lifestyle. Well I was fortunate to meet the founder Joe Niro at a company seminar. First he was so gentle and passionate. Plus he really wanted to help us women with his formula. He suggested I take 30 minutes to review my present car and get my profile done. At first it sounded long but the thought of saving $2000 was appealing. Well I got into m…
Wendy MAug, 2012DDO, QC
I called cartrust since I am a single woman with no clue about buying new cars. I did not want to call on guy friends since I would end up buying what they want. I work for a national alarm company and a friend in HR told me about Cartrust. She said that I would be surprised on how friendly and service oriented the folks at CarTrust would be. Short story I bought a 2011 Honda CR-V and saved over $2500 off advertized prices. Cathy set up the test drives, she help me sell my car and negotiated thi…
Helene C.Feb, 2012Montreal QC

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